Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lots of Firsts

Well we are officially "Quincites," and I'm pretty sure that's not a real word, but we are. I will post pictures soon of the new house, which is rather awesome, I just have to remember to take some pictures.

Tennyson started preschool at the Crossing yesterday, and though he was very apprehensive to initially enter the classroom loaded with boys, as soon as another kid complimented his mohawk (which Aunt Jenny did an amazing job of styling before I picked him up), he was game and ran right in and started playing. They're studying the letter "D" so they talked about David & Goliath yesterday and he's really excited as today they will be discussing dinosaurs and he can't wait. Tomorrow is blue day and show and tell so I'm sure there will be lots to talk about tonight. I love this age and his excitement for everything. He can't wait for Kindergarten, though this mom could probably hold off another year or two if it worked that way.

Just last night on my way home I was thanking God for His constant provision and delighting in all He is at work on in our lives and here in Quincy, when I pulled in the driveway and saw that Travis and the boys were in the red truck in the street talking to a neighbor. The truck had died while they were backing into the driveway and there was a "puff" of smoke that exited the hood. Tyler came to our rescue and using the Sequoia the boys were able to get the truck back up into the driveway and Tyler had a great contact for Travis to call today to get the truck looked at.

Travis and I were later talking and he visited with Verizon yesterday as we have their telephone service, and are under contract for another year but their service doesn't work in a 12 mile radius around Quincy because of some dispute they have with United Cellular or something. Anyways come to find out they won't let us out of our contract but will split the buy out with us. I was so mad, between it and the truck, Satan just really knew right where to attack me and steal the joy of the day.

The boys both were exhausted and took their naps before dinner (actually Tennyson never ate dinner because he slept from about 5:30-9), and then were not ready to go to bed when I was so of course we watched Cars 2 our newest Netflix video at 10 last night and then Titus was restless until 3:22 this morning, and I have to tell you I just wasn't finding any joy in the moment, knowing that my alarm would be going off just after 6am.

As I am now reflecting back on yesterday, I realized without the truck breaking down we wouldn't have met another wonderful neighbor in our little corner or the world, we wouldn't have had the extra time to discuss with Tennyson how dropping everything to help another in need is one of the greatest gifts we have, we may not have had the one-on-one time we had with Titus while Tennyson rested, or the opportunity to snuggle with our boys late while watching Mater. Those are all precious gifts that are too easily overlooked when you choose to allow Satan a stronghold. The old adage, give them an inch and they'll take a mile doesn't just ring true with things of this world. Allowing Satan any opportunity to steal your joy and turn your eyes from our Father, even just momentarily, gives him more power than we realize. I have spent this morning while working, worshipping God not just for His constant provision, but for His astounding grace that covers all my circumstances. No matter how big an issue that I am facing, or how upset I sometimes get, He is always holding me in His loving arms, ready to hold me when I finally I realize I can't do it alone, my own strength is weak, and I just need to relax in Him.

Praying you are able to relax in His arms today and each day,

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